What to do when your Hot Water cylinder is broken?

Hot water cylinder

Recently one of our tradesman carried out some Plumbing work in Robina for some home owners who had no hot water.

Upon arrival, our plumber found that it was leaking quite a big due to a crack at the base of the Hot Water Unit.

The plumber discussed the issues with the home owners and explained the hazards of a broken Hot Water Unit.

Hot water cylinder

The first and most important rule you should obey when your hot water system is damaged is to never attempt to repair it unless you are qualified to do so!

Most hot water systems are either connected to gas mains or electricity mains, and most of them contain large volumes of scalding hot water.

Hot water cylinder

Our Plumber drained and removed old Hot Water Unit, & installed new 250L 3.6kW Everhot HWS, valve train and drains.

All of the plumbers employed at Capital Plumbing have years’ worth of experience and are all qualified under the Master Plumbers association of Queensland and we carry out plumbing services in Robina, Tweed and Brisbane and only one quick phone call away.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 5528 4449 or email info@www.capitalplumbing.com.au if you have any plumbing concerns.


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