How are Drain Pipes Repaired?

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One of the most common problems with drains is that they tend to get blocked. Some DIY methods to clean out the clog are helpful, but then there is also the problem of cracked or broken pipes that need to be repaired which is a major undertaking.

How to unclog outside drains?

When a simply plunger won’t fix the issue, a plumber will use more advanced methods to clear a drain.


The hydrojetting process is a great way to get rid of the clogs that are already in your drains. 

A plumber will hook up a high pressure hose blasting high pressure water into your drainpipe. This will dislodge debris from deep within the drain with no problem!

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Sewer cleaning machine

This machine, also called the motorized drain auger has a probe that locates the clog.

Then a spinning wheel dismantles the clog and cleans the drain out with a high pressure jet of water. 

Blow bag or drain bladder

This can be attached to your garden hose and the hose has to be inserted into the clogged pipe as far as possible. 

Once the water is turned on the bag fills up and then the water bursts out forcing out the clog.

Drain Cleaners

These are chemical products and contain acids. 

They can clean out the clog but there is the danger of damage to the pipe and contamination of the water.

How to repair broken or cracked drain pipes?

Trenchless pipe repair

This requires one to first locate the access point of the pipe, then inserting a composite resin or acrylic patching material. 

The material then has to be maneuvered into the place where the pipe is damaged. 

It is like creating a new pipe inside the old one. 

The resin is extremely strong and crack-resistant and the process is quick and affordable since only the cracked areas of drain pipe get repaired.

Horizontal boring

In this method, the broken pipes are located and the damaged sections are removed by horizontal boring. 

With the help of special cameras, the Gold Coast drain plumber fits the new pipe into place and then adhesive resins are used to seal the new connections.

Replacing water pipes

Normally copper pipes are used to carry water and they tend to wear out, corrode, or get pitted over time. 

It is best to cut out the damaged portion and replace it with a new section, with the couplings soldered into place.

Drain pipe excavation

Broken pipes underground can be repaired or changed after excavating the area to reach them. 

Sometimes, it is better to reroute or relay a new pipeline than repair just the broken pipes, although it may be a bigger investment, it will probably be more economical in the long run. 


If you’re experiencing recurring issues when it comes to your drain pipes, call our experienced team of plumbers who can help you.


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