How to Avoid Problems with your Hot Water System

hot water systems

Just imagine. You wake up and head for a shower.

There’s a burst of ice-cold water that hits you, leaving you in shivers. Agony takes over. This is what happens when your hot water system malfunctions.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Depreciation and repairs are inevitable for any electrical appliance.

Hot water systems are no different.

There are many problems associated with water heaters. The most common ones include heat loss, leakage, and insufficient hot water. However, we can avoid these issues with a few preventive measures.

  • Read the manual
    When you install a hot water system, always go through the manual in detail. Follow the instructions to a tee to avoid trivial problems. Check if the plumber has installed the heater correctly. Keep the warranty documents intact. When in doubt, always refer the manual for better understanding.

  • Flush it out
    This is a crucial step in ensuring a continuous flow of clean hot water. Flush out your water heater tank on a regular basis. It removes sediments and other unwanted particles. If you leave it unattended, the colour of the water starts changing. It will soon become rust-coloured, have flaky particles or emit a foul smell. Draining out your water tank will spare you of this situation. There’s a different procedure for every tank. Make sure you go through the instructions before flushing it out. The frequency depends on the type of water in your household. Hard water requires more attention, so flush it out more frequently.
  • Use judiciously
    Water is a valuable resource, don’t waste it. It’s important to use water sensibly. If you use hot water unnecessarily, it will increase electricity bills. Use cold water for washing machines, dishwashers or for your lawn. Also, avoid long showers. If there are too many members in a household, schedule your showers accordingly.
  • Annual maintenance
    This is where a professional steps in. It’s important to call in a plumber at least once a year for inspection and maintenance purpose. They will check the working condition of the heater and get it fixed before the issue goes out of hand. They will also look for any leaks or pressure problems. Gas line leaks or plumbing pipe leaks can be hazardous. By paying a reasonable amount for maintenance, you can save many a dollar in repairs.

  • Get an upgrade
    Don’t use a water heater beyond its expiry date. You will end up shelling out more on repairs. Instead, it’s wiser to invest in a new heating system or upgrade your existing one. This will make it more efficient and will ensure the incessant supply of hot water in your household. If the number of members in your family has increased, upgrade to a large unit to meet the ‘peak hour’ demand.

These simple measures can save you from breaking the bank. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

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