What happens if you try to DIY plumbing?

DIY plumbing tools

A report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare states that out of every 100,000 hospitalisations, 13 are DIY injuries with power tool injuries being the second major cause. And over 10% of these result in partial or full amputation of the finger.

Fixing your plumbing looks like a great DIY project, especially in these times of COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Unless you are experienced, a simple, quick fix can turn into an unmitigated disaster leaving you with 3 inches of water, and possibly a missing finger. 

Here are some of the risks associated with DIY plumbing, and it’s not always about the expense. 


Leaks are the most common issues that DIY plumbers attempt to fix. 

If you have a slow leak, make sure to shut off the main valve! 

You don’t want it bursting open and causing an even bigger mess than what was already going on. 

Plus, if you’re not paying attention to where your pipes are corroding then this can also be disastrous when trying to wrench open that corroded joint. 

So keep an eye out for these signs of corrosion so you can take appropriate action before things get worse.

In case you do not remember where the main shutoff is located, you are looking at thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

Broken Pipes

Pipe budge? What do you do? Wrench it open or maybe a couple of whacks with a hammer? 

Wrong answer! 

You can easily damage the pipes and break it open completely. 

Faulty joints and solders can cause untold issues to your plumbing. They can withstand the water pressure only for so long before something will eventually break.  

Plumber repairing burst water pipe

Ruined Drainage

A common DIY solution to a clogged pipe is the drain cleaner. 

While it works as a one-off solution, repeated clogs need to be seen by a plumber. 

Drain cleaners can remove any clog in a matter of minutes but can also wreak havoc on the pipes and thin them out. 

Since the damage is immediately visible, you won’t know you’ve got a problem until it’s too late.

Increased Expense

DIY plumbing is anything but cheap. 

Leaving the simple repairs like a washer or dripping tap aside, others plumbing repairs need some serious expertise, not just for the repairs but also to operate the tools required. 

If you plan to equip yourself with the tools and the knowledge, you’re probably best just to contact a plumber. 

If you attempt to fix the plumbing issue yourself and end up making it worse, you’ll be paying the plumber even more to fix up your own handywork!

Potential Injury

Plumbing tools need expertise and training and a Youtube video tutorial doesn’t cut it. 

Unless you know how to operate power tools for plumbing, it’s not worth the risk of attempting DIY plumbing repairs on your own!

Australian Regulations Related to DIY

According to Queensland’s laws, you will be charged with penalties up to $100,000 or two years imprisonment if your illegal DIY ends in a hospitalisation. 

In case of any death, the fine is $200,000 or three years imprisonment. 


It’s always safer to leave the plumbing repairs to licensed-professional. 

Any guide on Youtube cannot match the experience of a fully licensed plumber. 

You can have peace of mind and save some dollars in the process. 


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