Blocked Drains Burleigh Heads

If you’ve got a problem with blocked drains Burleigh Heads then you understand how quickly it could deteriorate into a catastrophic disaster within your home or office. Water that can’t drain out as it’s supposed to can overflow and rapidly flood your property ruining carpet, furniture, walls, and more resulting in thousands of dollars in water damage. Our team of plumbers on the Gold Coast have years of experience in unblocking drains so you don’t have to risk a major flood.

What's causing blocked drains

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Blocked Drain Emergency?

Don’t wait for blocked drain to do thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Our Burleigh Heads drain plumbers are available 24/7 to get your plumbing fixed fast!

Our plumbers can fix all drains

Sewer Drains

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How are drains cleared?

Our high pressure jetter is capable of clearing 99% of Burleigh Heads blockages. Capital Plumbing has one of the highest quality jetter’s available for Gold Coast blocked drains, ensuring that your blockage will be unblocked quickly and cost effectively. Gone are the days when you would use the electric eel. It just doesn’t compare to the Jetter. The hydro pressure jetter works by sending high pressure water down through sewer and stormwater lines, cutting through and removing any obstacle inside of the drain. 

Water jetter unblocks drains

The Drain Jetter...

Blocked Drains Burleigh Heads Camera Inspections

Drain camera inspections offer CCTV camera footage of your Burleigh Heads drainage issue. This service is extremely valuable in pin pointing the exact reason and location of your blockage cause. Capital Plumbing is than able to provide you with the most cost effective repair options, minimising any additional damage to your property that some Burleigh Heads plumbers will do trying to locate what can be a needle in a hay stack.

Drain camera identifies drain blockages

The Drain Camera...

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Common questions about Blocked Drains Burleigh Heads

After so many years helping people in Burleigh Heads with their blocked drains we've seen it all. Find answers to all your questions about blocked drains.

What is blocking my drains?

Some of the most common things blocking drains are grease, fat, oil, soap scum, wet wipes and food scraps. Tree roots are also common culprits or the drain can sometimes simply just collapse in on itself and cause a blockage.

Can you clear a drain without digging it up?

Yes! Our specialist drain plumbers will use a drain camera to find the blockage, and then remove it using out high pressure water jetter.

How do you know the drain is totally unblocked?

You'll be able to personally see where the blockage is, and what it looks like once it's cleared with out specialist drain cameras. That way you can have peace of mind that your drain blockages are fixed.

Can I fix my plumbing problem myself?

No. Conducting plumbing works without a license is illegal, which is why plumbing work must be carried out by a licensed plumber. Plumbing involves sewage, high pressure water, and gas which is potentially dangerous. That's why you must always ensure your plumber is licensed to do the work.

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