7 Water Saving Tips

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As you all know the cost of water is constantly rising on the Gold coast and Brisbane. Therefore Capital Plumbing would like to give you 7 water saving tips that will help you reduce your water usage saving you money and also helping the environment.

  1. Burst Pipe

This is a major cause of excess water bills. Please check your meter every few months so you are able to catch any problems early.

  1. Dripping Taps

You will be surprised at how much a dripping tap can add up to and the damage it can cause to your in-wall plumbing. The longer a tap drips, the more it will cost in repairs, so go around to all your taps inside and out of your home and ensure they are not dripping. The amount of water you will save from this exercise may surprise you.

  1. Leaking Or Running Toilet 

Toilets can be leaking without you even noticing. The best way to check to see if you have a problem with a leak in your toilet is to check inside the bowl to see if you can notice any water running down the bowl above the water level or if you can see any ripples in the water. You can also put a piece of toilet paper against the back of the bowl and see if it gets damp.

  1. Dual Flush Toilet Suites

If you still have an old single flush toilet suite (one button) you could be using up to 12L per flush. The new suites now can use as little as 3.5l per flush. As you can see there is a massive saving to be made by changing to the new style suites and with the competitive market there is a solution for everyone’s budget.

  1. Flow Restrictor

 One of the great saving water devices around today is the Flow Restrictor. These are easily fitted to your basins, shower and other fixtures. If you have no flow restrictors fitted you could have up to 20L/min in your shower or basin and we can drop that to 9L/min for showers and 4L/min for basins. This is a massive reduction and especially if you have children who like to have long showers it is a great way to reduce water usage.

  1. Hot Water Unit

Check around the base of the unit for any signs of water. If you see damp areas this could mean there is a problem with the unit and it may need replacing. The other thing to check is the overflow pipe to ensure it is not constantly running. These pipes can leak at times but they should not drip all the time. If not installed correctly this is a place termites love, so it is best not to delay any repairs.

  1. Install A Rainwater Tank

A rainwater tank is a great way to save water and reduce your water bill. We can install outside hose taps to water your gardens, wash your car or clean down paths and driveways. We can also connect to your washing machine and toilets. This is great once installed and really good for the environment.

Hopefully you have found the above information helpful and you now know some ways to save water and money with the tips we have provided.

If you would like us to install one of the above options, or have any questions please don’t hesitate to call Capital Plumbing on 5528 4449.

To cap off this first blog post by Capital Plumbing, here’s a video of jason Wood talking about how his company got started, how they operate and why your first choice of a Gold Coast plumber should be Capital Plumbing — a genuine 24 hour emergency plumbing service — because plumbing emergencies don’t conveniently fall between 9am and 5pm.


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