Do you have a broken downpipe on the Gold Coast?

Broken downpipe

We come across this problem alot when the bottom of a downpipe is exposed and it gets broken with the mower or wipper-snipper.

The picture is a good example of a 90mm PVC downpipe that has a hole in it from being hit by something.

Capital Plumbing are able to repair all downpipes. You might have plastic ones that have been damaged or square metal ones that are leaking and rusted out.

We are able to come out and let you know the costs to make the repairs needed to that you have no water problems.

Gold Coast Downpipe Replacement Options

So there are a few options with Gold coast downpipe replacements.

We can install the plastic PVC ones that will last for ever and you can paint any colour to match your current colour scheme or we can install the more traditional square downpipes to match your existing ones.

These also can be painted or we can order the different colour bond colours that are available.

Colourbond downpipes last longer

The benefit with colour bond downpipes is they have a coating that is on the inside as well as what you see on the outside.

This makes them last longer but of course the plastic ones will never rust.


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