How To Locate A Water Meter And Turn The Water Off

Burst pipe

The following information will help you locate your water meter and where you need to go to turn off your main water supply.

It is quite important to know how to do this in case an emergency arises and you have water flooding your house.

Refer to the video below which may make finding your water meter much easier.

It is sometimes best to have the front hose tap running so you know when the water is off.

If you find you are unable to turn the water off call the Gold Coast City Council on 1300 694 222 so they can get someone out there to make repairs.

It is a great idea to find your water meter and know how to turn it off before you have a problem.

If you find you have any problems and need some help please get in touch with one of our Gold Coast plumbers and we’ll be able to help you 24 hours a day.


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