Top 5 Winter Plumbing Problems

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There is no doubt that on a cold winter’s day, the last thing you want to be doing is having a cold shower – or dealing with any other kind of winter plumbing problems for that matter.

When the temperature starts to drop, the amount of calls regarding hot water systems that we receive increases drastically.

Therefore, we have decided to compile a list of some of the most common winter plumbing problems that people encounter and how to go about dealing with them.

Hot water system not working

No one wants to wake up on a cold winters morning to a cold shower, and unfortunately these colder months tend to be the time of year that people will encounter issues with their homes hot water systems.

As soon as you notice that there’s no hot water coming from your taps , the first thing you need to do is check the isolation valve on your hot water system (usually the yellow or red handle on the side of the water intake).

If this has been turned off then you can simply turn it back on, but if this does not appear to be the issue, you probably have a bigger problem on your hands.

If you have a gas hot water system- you should check to make sure you have gas in the gas bottle or if there are any issues with your gas line.

If your hot water system is electric- check over your fuse box that is marked with ‘hot water’ to ensure that it is functioning properly. Additionally, you should check to make sure that the power cord is plugged in properly and that it is turned on.

Once you have done these checks and found the source of the problem (or even if you can’t identify the problem yourself), it is important that you contact a licenced plumber immediately to have this rectified for you.

It is also important to consider conducting routine maintenance on your hot water system as a means to help prevent these problems from occurring altogether.

Hot water system leaks

If you notice water leaking from your hot water system, you should immediately check where it is coming from.

A small leak from the temperature relief valve is normal during the heating cycle but if the leak seems to be an excess amount of water, then you should get in contact with your plumber immediately.

If the leak is coming from the side or bottom of the tank or overflowing out of the tank, close the tap supplying water to the tank and call a plumber.

Low water pressure

A close second to the annoyance of having no hot water in winter, would have to be trying to shower in weak water pressure.

Blocked or leaking pipes are a common reason for low water pressure, so it is important to check for these things if you do find low water pressure to be an issue.

To make things even easier for you, you could call a licenced plumber like ourselves to come and check your homes plumbing over so that we can find the source of the problem and have it rectified for you.

Frozen or burst pipes

While Australia’s climate rarely sees freezing temperatures, it also means that not all of our pipes are going to be insulated- increasing their likelihood to freeze.

To avoid frozen or burst pipes, it is safest to take preventative measures such as considering insulating your pipes or the areas around them.

This not only will reduce the likelihood of burst or frozen pipes but will also help to get your water warmer faster.

Even though it may not seem like a likely event, it is best to be safe than to be sorry, and in the event that your pipes burst make sure to call a plumber immediately so that they can work through the situation with you.

Grease in your kitchen pipes

Even though its not likely to snow in our area, it still gets cold enough to congeal grease.

Grease should not be going down your sink at any time of year, but it can get especially messy during winter as it can build up and block your sink faster than usual.

Long story short, avoid letting grease into your drains, and on the occasion that you do have a blockage you should call a licenced plumber to have it handled for you.

If you have noticed any of the issues mentioned above, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our professional and friendly team here at Capital Plumbing as we are here 24/7 for you.

We are always here to help, so if you are ever unsure about how to deal with your plumbing situation, simply give us a call, and whatever your emergency, we will have a licensed plumber sent to your door to resolve your problem.

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