Is the water leak your problem or council?

Council workers

While walking this morning in Labrador, Jason (founder of Capital Plumbing) noticed this water leak so we thought it would be good time to discuss water leaks and what to do.

We get many calls from our clients for water leaks that are visible like this one.

There is a large wet area of ground or the council has notified them that their water usage has increase by a large amount.

Who’s water leak is it anyway?

There are some simple ways you can determine if it is going to be at your cost to make the water leak repairs or you can notify council so they can get it fixed for you.

The water leak we found in Labrador is easy to tell it is a council issue so we let the owner know this so they could call them to repair it.

Any leak that is the street side of the council water meter is the councils issue, so anything the house or property side of the water meter is the home owners cost.

If unsure, check the water meter

If you find it is hard to determine what side of the council meter the water leak is the best way is to check the water meter.

If you are using no taps or water fixtures in the house the meter should not be spinning or moving.

With a small leak it can be best to write down all the numbers, go out for a few hours making sure nothing will use water while your away and then checking when you return to make sure they are the same.

If they’ve changed then unfortunately you have a leak which needs to be repaired and if you do believe it’s your responsibility to fix then our expert plumbers are ready to help you any time of the day or night.


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