The Most Expensive Plumbing Emergencies Around Home

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As a trusted team of professional plumbers on the Gold Coast, Capital Plumbing will do what we can to help you manage the price of repairs. Fair, competitive pricing, transparent quoting, and high value work have helped us build the reputation we enjoy among our clients. However, it’s worth being aware of some of the most expensive plumbing emergencies around the home.

We’re going to look at the most expensive plumbing emergencies, why they’re so expensive and, most importantly what you can do to prevent them.

We’re firm believers in “prevention is the best cure.”

Investing in a little maintenance and proactive repair now can save you a lot of money in the future.

Leaky pipes

Whether caused by damage or by blockage leading to overfill, leaky pipes are some of the most common plumbing issues, but they’re also some of the most potentially expensive.

Unnoticed leaks can continuously allow water to escape and infiltrate the surrounding materials, like the wall, floor, or ceiling.

This chips away at the home’s integrity, causing mould, rot, and damp.

Burst pipes causing expensive plumbing emergencies

It can be dangerous to your health, as well as expensive.

Not only do you have the costs of fixing the leak to contend with, but you also have additional costs such as replacing drywall or other home materials to consider.

Being aware of the signs of damp, such as musty smells and dark/discoloured spots can help you spot a leaky pipe sooner.

Leaky toilets/taps

These leaks come with all the same potential costs of leaky pipes.

Thankfully, they’re often easier to spot, because toilets and taps are in much more visually accessible area.

However, because they move a higher volume of water, they also tend to cost more in water waste.

Leaking tap

Furthermore, the parts needed for a replacement can be on the expensive side.

To avoid this repair getting more expensive, acting on it quickly is wise.

The sooner you stop using a leaking toilet or tap and get in touch with a plumber, the sooner you can cut the costs of water waste associated with it.

Water heater issues

As with leaking toilets and taps, water heater repairs can be expensive often due to the price of the parts needed to make any repairs and replacements.

Hot water system problems can cause expensive plumbing emergencies when they fail

Traditional water heaters can suffer from mineral deposits, which will clog up not only the water heater itself, but can spread through the pipes, leading to blockages and a decrease in water quality.

Let’s not underestimate the damage that a water heater can cause if blocked hot water causes a pipe to burst, flooding the home. When that happens you’ll like need an emergency plumber very quickly!

“Investing in a little maintenance and proactive repair now can save you a lot of money in the future.”

The best way to keep the costs of water heater repair down is to ensure that it’s regularly serviced.

Plumbers licensed to maintain hot water systems can help you give it the preventative care and attention that it needs to avoid some common malfunctions, as well as spotting and fixing potential issues before they have a chance to get much more expensive.

Blocked drains

Drains can be blocked in all manner of ways.

Physical blockages, such as twigs and leaves in the winter, heavy rainfall leading to overfill, and root ingress if you live near trees are all common issues.

The cost of fixing blocked drains can change too, depending on whether it causes a leak into the home, leading to damp and mould, or if it causes overflowing water to start flooding the house, potentially causing thousands of dollars of damage.

drain pipes

There are a few ways you can prevent a blocked drain, such as running hot water through the sink after each use or using baking soda or vinegar to break down the dirt and debris that can slowly lodge itself in the drainage system over time.

Fitting a plug drain over sinkholes can also help you catch any matter that might threaten to go down.

However, as with all plumbing issues, the best way to manage your costs is to act before it has the chance to get more expensive.

The longer a drain is allowed to stay blocked, the higher the risk it will cause serious damage.

Keep your plumbing cost-effective with our help

Capital Plumbing is eager to help homeowners ensure they don’t get hit by some of the heaviest costs in plumbing.

The best way to do that is with proactive maintenance and servicing, as well as being aware of the risks, and the signs that something is going wrong.

The sooner you contact us when you think something isn’t right, the quicker we can fix it, potentially preventing some highly expensive plumbing emergencies in the future.


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