Clever Bathroom Plumbing Innovations

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From the thunder boxes of medieval times, we today use commodes with cisterns and bidets. 

The use of sensors and software has brought about great innovations in the field of plumbing too.

Newer and better materials have also helped to reshape the future of plumbing.

For instance, PVC pipes prevent corrosion. 

More energy-efficient and environment-friendly methods have evolved to heat and cool water, and even get it to flow against gravity. 

The use of PEX piping allows installation flexibility and reduces the need for connectors, thus saves expenditure. 

Here are some plumbing innovations that have been taking the world by storm.

Tankless water heaters

The latest innovation in water heating is tankless water heaters. 

These hot water systems heat the water as it flows using gas and there is no fear of hot water running out. 

They are also energy efficient and can bring down your electricity significantly.

Automatic water heater

Hands-free faucets and fixtures

Primarily seen at airports, restrooms, commercial kitchens, and other public places, these are now being used in home bathrooms as well. 

Operated by sensors these not only promote better hygiene but they also minimise any water being wasted.

Leak detectors

Like smoke detectors, these gadgets can detect impending leaks due to sounds emanating from the water pipes.

Smart toilets

Smart toilets have automatic flushing, overflow protection, bidet wash, and water-saving features. 

They can also feature remote controls, heated seating, air dryers, and foot warmers! 

Self-cleaning and self-deodourising are also features which are becoming popular too.

Smart showers

While showering, the water temperature can be controlled and they can be turned off and on via an app or voice and the water spray can be adjusted at the touch of a button. 

Some smart showers are Bluetooth enabled and have speakers that can be connected to a mobile phone and one can listen to music while bathing.

Greywater recycling

Water is a precious commodity and we all need to be environmentally conscious and stop water waste. 

A greywater recycling system uses the waste water from dishwashers, showers, and the kitchen to wash clothes or water the grass outside.

Smart water heaters

These are often solar-powered and have smart thermostats that allow you to set a precise temperature. 

The energy smart modes save water and energy by responding to user patterns.

Hot water recirculation

This system keeps hot water circulating constantly through the pipes so that it is available instantly instead of waiting for the water to heat up after the tap is turned on.

A few of the latest innovations that have eased the work of plumbers include.

  • Cordless pipe threaders
  • Brushless threaded rod cutters
  • Copper press fittings and coupling systems


People are looking for convenience.

They also want to conserve water and thereby save money too. 

All the latest innovations in plumbing are geared to fit those needs. 

If you live on the Gold Coast, then our team of plumbers Gold Coast will solve your plumbing issues with the latest plumbing innovations available in the market.  


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