Is Water Filtration Important On The Gold Coast?

Pouring water from pitcher into a glass

Water filtration is a hot topic now more than ever on the Gold Coast. There are many health issues people can suffer from if they consume unfiltered, contaminated, or un-sanitized water.

No human can survive without consuming water whether to drink, clean, eat. Water is the basic necessity to live.

While basic tap water is completely safe to drink on the Gold Coast, water filtration provides an additional layer of security when it comes to water which has a strange taste, or is derived from a rainwater tank.

What Water Filtration Acutally Does?

A good water filtration system remove all the impurities from the water including algae, bacteria, cysts, dust, parasites, rust, or anything else which hinders the water from being fit to drink.

It removes all the impurities but tries to keep the important salts and minerals intact which are important in human physiology.

On the Gold Coast most Water Filtration Systems are an inexpensive and common way to filter water in your home.

They can be fitted under your kitchen and usually come with a single cartridge.

They don’t even require frequent maintenance either.

Another famous filtration tool is the “Reverse Osmosis Filter”.

This filter is more expensive but makes the water much safer to consume, which is especially good for people who are concerned about health conditions.

Young man in workwear using pliers while installing water filtration system

When is water filtration necessary? 

If you’re using tank water or bore water you can’t risk drinking contaminated water.

It also becomes important if you have elderly people and people suffering from ailments.

Every human being should have the right to clean drinking water and water filtration guarantees just that.

Lastly, if your surroundings aren’t clean and your local government doesn’t guarantee safe drinking tap water, get water filtration immediately.

When is it unnecessary?

In some cases when you can completely trust the tap water and have government assurance on it, you can easily get by without a water filtration system.

But even then, it is always better to install it and have a double layer of protection against germs and diseases.

It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Does Gold Coast Water Need Filtering?

Seqwater makes sure that water is clean and free from unwanted particles by investing a lot of money in our water infrastructure.

So you don’t need to filter the water of the Gold Coast since the government promises to provide safe drinking water for everyone.

Is there any benefit to filtered water?

A benefit that people usually overlook in filtered water is the taste.

Filtered water is usually much better to taste than tap water, especially if you live in areas where the regular water has a particularly strong taste or smell.

It is also beneficial during some unforeseen emergency in which the water could become contaminated.


If you’ve got questions about water filtration, call our team of expert plumbers on the Gold Coast.

With thorough and professional staff, and 24-hour assistance, warranty service, and maintenance we’ll be able to help with any plumbing enquiry you may have.


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