Rain Water Tank Maintenance

Rain water tank

A lot of people took up the government offer and received large rebates for the installation of rainwater tanks. The problem is since the tanks were installed, no maintenance has been carried out.

Capital Plumbing has a team of the best plumbers on the Gold Coast who are here to help our customer’s with any tips that may stop them needing an emergency plumber. Please read the following checks to ensure you get the full benefits and extend the life of your tank and pump. By simply doing the steps you will have the cleanest rain water you can.

1. Check for leaks

Have a walk around the rainwater tank and make sure there are no leaks from fittings, pipework, the pump and the tank itself. A small leak over time can lose a lot of water and even attract termites which can be a major issue it the tank is located next to your house.

2. Visual Inspection

You need to do this to make sure the pump is clear of debris. The pump should have a cover over it to protect it from the elements. You will find that manufactures will not cover damage to their units under warranty if the pump doesn’t have a cover.

3. First Flush

To help keep the water inside the tank clean there should be a First flush system installed on the inlet side of the rain water tank. There is a filter on the bottom of this that needs to be cleaned regularly otherwise this valve will not work.

4. Leaf Catches

All downpipes that connect to your rain water tank should have leaf catches fitted. These are needed to stop leaves/debris and vermin entering the tank and affecting the water quality. How regular they need to be checked and cleaned depends on the individual installation.

5. Gutters

Make sure these are clean because anything in the gutters can break down and end up in the tank.

6. Clean inside the tank

It is usually best to a professional in to do this as they have the best equipment. Over time sludge will build up on the bottom of the tank and needs to cleaned out so it doesn’t damage your pump or affect the water quality. If you follow the steps listed above you will not need to get this done as often.

7. Tank Overflow

The tank over flow should have gauze over it to stop vermin from entering. This mesh like product can get blocked over time making it impossible for water to overflow out of tank when it is full. It can cause a lot of problems to foundations if it is located near your house.


It is very important to carry out the above because it not only causes problems at the tank but can affect other parts of your home and fittings.

If you find you are unable to do some of the plumbing maintenance checks please don’t hestitate to give Capital Plumbing a call on 5528 4449 for all your Gold Coast Tank needs.


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